The Pandemic App Ecosystem: Investigating 493 Covid-Related iOS Apps across 98 Countries

Global map of developer/seller locations of 493 Covid-related iOS apps

Health and Fitness - Pandemic: The Next App Store Genre?

Example of the collected Covid iOS data — App permissions breakdown by app, developer, and country
The “Safer Illinois” app permissions in Xcode
CoVerified iOS Covid Campus monitoring app expanded details example (upon icon hover)

Looking at Covid App Data Across 98 Countries

Global map of Covid-related iOS apps by country total

SDKs: Google, Google, and Fabric (Google)

Covid-related iOS SDK topline
Covid-related iOS SDK breakdown — details callout example

Permissions: Location, Location, Location

Covid-related iOS app permissions topline

Impressions (After Looking at 493 Pandemic Apps for Seven Months)

Saint Louis University’s iOS Covid app’s defunct privacy and data collection Policy
Apple User ID leak patch example — “Safer Illinois” Covid monitoring app
CampusClear — a widely used school monitoring app by an employee productivity predictive analytics firm
Australia’s “Check in CBR” iOS SDK and Permissions list
Example of Google Maps SDK and Exposure Plugin integration in iOS app code

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