💥Smart.Dumb AI-powered “Fake News” Search Suggestions

1. 💅🏻Fake news helps nails grow, gives you a tan, and can even help acne. Apply with caution though — it might hinder democracy.

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2. 🏆Fake news appears to be good for ISIS. Or, maybe “good” fake news is about ISIS and Islam?

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3. 👍Fake news is on TV, but it’s the worst on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

4. 🍚Don’t worry, fake news isn’t working — it turns out it’s NOT sticky.

5. 👵🏻Fake news is best applied to face(book?), particularly for people with pale skin.

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6. Fake news apparently turns your skin green. Hmm 🐸.

7. ⚽The worst fake news is spread by soccer fans who hate Hollywood and North Korea. And secretly communicate in Hindi. Wait, what?!

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8.📍Fake news is likely to be found on Gawker.

9. 👰🏻Fake news targets women through reality TV shows — obvs

11. 🍽Fake news is doing well, but don’t worry — it will NEVER ask for food.

12. Most fake news is posted on Gawker, and/or stories about ISIS and Israel that link to…The Onion?

13. 💸Shut your windows: Fake news can fly — it has wings.

14. 🇺🇸Fake news is a big American.

Autocomplete / suggestions courtesy of Google app, 9 Dec 2016.

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Professor and researcher in news, journalism, and #hashtags. Award-nominated data journalist. Media, communication, and technology.

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